• Notary certification of documents

    The Consular office has the authority to notarise, in accordance to the Russian legislation, the documents to be submitted in Russia (such as Power of Attorney, Russian-English translation endorsement, copy endorsement, signature endorsement, etc.).

    All documents submitted for notarisation must be in Russian or have a Russian translation. The applicant must prove their identity with the original passport and an ID card.

    • The processing time at the Russian consulate is usually the same working day.

    Consular fee for non-Russian nationals:

    • Power of Attorney is 84-168 SGD;
    • Endorsement of translation from English into Russian is 63 SGD per one page of original text;
    • Endorsement of translation from Russian into English 88 SGD per one page of original text;
    • Signature endorsement is 25 SGD;
    • True copy endorsement is 38 SGD per one page of original text.
    • Service fee is 68 SGD.
    • All fees and charges are subject to prevailing GST.